Pro-Trump Pastor Rips Into Democrats and Maxine Waters For Playing The Race Card

Throughout his candidacy and during much of his presidency, many from the left have gotten the impression that President Donald Trump is a racist. A respectable African-American pastor, Darrell C. Scott, who is also a Trump-supporter, claims that this is altogether untrue.

Scott meets White House chief of staff John Kelly on a weekly basis to discuss housing programs, as per Independent Journal Review.

Fox News’ Stuart Verney asked Scott during an appearance on the network, “Why is Maxine Waters saying this kind of thing?”

This race card that the Democratic Party keeps playing is getting played out. It’s about as worn out as a deck of cards in the penitentiary. No matter what the president does. No matter what the president says, they’re going to try to play the race card when they don’t have anything else,” Scott responded.

Scott then went on to compare Maxine Waters to the “drunk aunt” in a family:

“She talked about the president … [not] behaving presidentially; she needs to act and behave congressionally.

You know you have what they call the drunk uncle? She acts like the crazy aunt that’s just rambling and babbling incessantly over every little thing, and her act is becoming very, very stale.”

He said that Water ought to be cautious what she says in public since there are many people waiting in line to replace her.

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