Sarah Sanders Once Again Slams Spoiled Nancy Pelosi For The Whole Country To See

As yet another big company has announced it will be giving its workers bonuses as a direct result of President Trump’s tax cuts, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders made sure to remind Democratic Rep. Nancy Pelosi, of California, about it, reportsConservative Tribune.

Best Buy announced Saturday that 100,000 of its workers will be receiving a bonus due to the GOP tax reform which President Donald Trump authorized in December but is set to take effect this month.

In addition to announcing the big news, the Press Secretary was sure to Remind Nancy Pelosi of the positive impact the tax reform has on the economy and how millions of workers across the U.S. are already benefiting from the cuts.

Sarah Sanders took to Twitter to slam the perpetually disgruntled Pelosi for not acknowledging the benefits of the tax reform.

The link in Sanders’ tweet is from the Star Tribune newspaper in Minnesota, which described how Best Buy is giving full-time staffers a $1,000 bonus and part-time workers a $500 bonus.

“In all, more than 100,000 of Best Buy’s 125,000 employees in the U.S., Mexico andCanada are expected to receive the extra cash,” the article stated.

Best Buy is just one of many companies that have given employees a bonus or pay raise, but Pelosi has made it clear with her comments on the GOP tax cuts how out of touch she is the Americans she claims to represent.

Best Buy is only one in a long line of U.S. enterprises that have leveraged the tax cuts and rewarded its workforce with bonuses and pay raise, and Pelosi’s absurd and unfounded criticism of the tax cuts only go on to show just how distant she is from her constituents.

Sarah jab at Pelosi was payback for a comment the California Democrat made last month in reference to the tax reform, saying the bonuses and raise of at least $1,000 for workers were mere “crumbs.”

“A number of bonuses – one of the bonuses was in a union contract and then they added a little more money to that,” Pelosi said, The Daily Caller has reported.

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