Trey Gowdy Let Everyone In On This Secret The FBI Was Trying To Hide

Republicans releasing the Nunes memo was a bombshell that rocked Washington.

For the first time, Americans were given proof there was an anti-Trump conspiracy at the highest levels of the FBI.

In one interview, Trey Gowdy revealed a secret the FBI was desperate to keep hidden.

The central claim of the Nunes memo was the FBI made the Steele dossier the foundational evidence used to obtain a FISA warrant against Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

FBI leadership knew the document was really the handywork of the Clinton campaign and that its key findings – that the Trump campaign was colluding with the Russians – were unverified.

Gowdy appeared on CBS Face the Nation and stunned viewers when he said the FISA warrant could not have been obtained without the Steele dossier.

The Daily Wire reported on his exchange with host Margaret Brennan:

“BRENNAN: We should dig into this because you are, from my understanding, the only Republican investigator on the House Intelligence Committee who actually viewed the FISA applications. Everything that went into essentially putting together this memo. So, when you’re talking about this Steele memo, you are not saying that it was the sole piece of evidence used to justify these four authorizations of the surveillance warrant, are you?

GOWDY: No. It was not the exclusive information relied upon by the FISA court.

BRENNAN: Would it have been authorized were it not for that dossier?

GOWDY: No, it would not have been.

BRENNAN: How can you say that because it was authorized four times by separate judges?

GOWDY: Right, and the information was in there all four times. And the judge doesn’t do independent research. There are three Republicans that have seen every bit of information — three of us. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA), the Chairman of the Judiciary, Johnny Ratcliffe (R-TX), who was a former terrorism prosecutor and a U.S. attorney in Texas, and me.

All three of us have total confidence in the FBI and DOJ to be able to do the jobs that they have been assigned; we have confidence in Bob Mueller; and we have serious concerns about this process. So, we have all three of those things in common, including being concerned about what happened in 2016.”

The whole story stinks.

It’s a scandal worse than Watergate.

And the real investigation should be into the corruption at the top of the FBI and former Director Comey and others weaponizing the FISA warrant process to try and destroy Donald Trump.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this story.

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